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i want new glasses. . . where do i start??


Well, congratulations on choosing Wise Eyes Optical! We carry a vast range of:

- Mens

- Womens

- Kids

- Budget Frames

- Safety Frames (OHS compliant)


We provide billing direct to all Private Healthfunds: 



Ok. How much am I looking at?

- Let's divide this response in three ways. Mentally circle whether you're person 1), 2) or 3):

1) A 'moneys no option' person with the proviso that 'I look good':

Australian model Abbie Lee Kershaw for Tom Ford Spring/Summer Optical 2011

- This maybe you if you're a brand and style maven when it comes to frames. If this is the case, we have a range of designer optical and sunglasses frames for men and women by D & G, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Ted Baker, Oakley, Domani, Kunoqvist, Versace etc.

You may also find you fit into this category if your lens prescription is normally quite high. It will then be of utmost importance that we grind the life out of those lenses and anti-reflective or transition coat them to what you desire. We're not letting you walk of Wise Eyes with unsatisfactory lenses - after all they are your eyes! So we will advise on the correct lens type for you and discount accordingly.


2) I 'want to spend only within my healthfund rebate' person so I'm not 'paying any additional out of pocket expenses'. 

- A) We almost sound like an infernal tv ad and B) We all know some healthfunds can be stingy and calculating with how much they give back but never despair! Wise Eyes is on your side and we have a multitude, a tidal wave, a garden of eden of frames with lenses for you to pick from which will be totally covered by your healthfund rebate. 

Lens prices are covered below.


                 $75 (from)


Single Vision Lenses

 (ie: for reading OR distance OR computer)



                $150 (from)


Bi-Focal Lenses/ Flat-Top Lenses

(ie: 2 lenses in one, seperated by a 'window' or 'line')


                $240 (from)


Multi-Focal Lenses

(ie: 3 lenses in one, that graduate into each other)


In the table above you'll see that the aforementioned prices refer to basic lens prices. If you see any frame that you like in the store, simply add on $75, $150 or $240 according to the type of lens that you need*. And if you want any extras ie: anti-reflective coating, tint add that on too (See below). If you're with a private health fund, you may expect a full or half rebate. We will try to guide you so that you feel confident and comfortable making an informed choice. And we'll try to make sure you're happy with your new glasses whether you're a first time wearer or you find yourself buying glasses every year! And rest assured we will be happy to facilitate repairs, adjustments and a 12 month warranty service for the life time of your new glasses!

 * Ultimately these prices are a basic guide and may fluctuate depending on what your prescription dictates you need. But this is a good thing! Because making sure you get the right lenses in the right frames is paramount.

 3) And what about for the 'hip-pocketly challenged' person?

Introducing our BUDGET PACKAGES  

. . . where the frame comes FREE with any lens purchases

- 1 x Single Vision CR39 (stock) lens made glasses from $75

- 1 x Bi-Focal CR39 (stock) lens made glasses from: $150

- 1 x Multi-Focal CR39 (stock) lens made glasses from: $240



. . . And finally, the wonderful world of lens 'Add Ons':

-  Anti-Refletive Coat: $75

BEFORE(without coating) / AFTER (with coating)

(Ideal for night driving, aids sensitive eyes against glare from computer screens and artificial lights. An Anti-Reflective coating is also highly recommended for people with larger prescriptions that almost always require a grind lens [usually any lens higher than a: +3.00 or - 3.00]. This is because, a coating will conceal the 'upside down coke bottle effect' you notice in people with thicker lenses where without a coating, very obvious 'rings' begin to develop in the corners and around the sides of thicker lenses making them aesthetically unappealing. If you are a Public speaker, Lawyer, University lecturer, Actor or in a profession/lifestyle where lights are beaming at you constantly, do consider an anti reflective coating. Otherwise when you come in contact with various beaming lights again, withan anti-reflective coating, you will begin to feel a lot like our 'AFTER' picture)


- Transition Coat: $110 - $150

BEFORE: clear/ AFTER: dark

(Ideal for people who are outdoors a lot. Uses smart technology to transition to its fullest, darkest colour when directly exposed to UV light. Returns to a clear colour when you return to shade or indoors)


- A tint: ($25 - a graduated tint) ($30 - a full tint)

(Ideal for people with sensitive eyes who need some lights to be filtered out. We can match tint to almost any colour with our stock samples. We also grind down Irlin lenses into frames)


- A Clip-on sunshade: ($50 - $75)

(Ideal for people who prefer a slim, compact sunshade to clip on to existing glasses. Good for heavy driving and everyday lifestyle)     


- Lens grind: extra ($50 - $550)

(Ideal for people whose prescriptions are a little bit larger than most. Wise Eyes Optical welcomes you with open arms. We can grind lenses down to make them look more attractive in their frames to a small degree or by a lot ie: 1.61, 1.64, 1.67, 1.74, 1.81, 1.91 sizes. Enquire today on what lens type would best suit your prescription by comming in and talking to Andrew or by calling on (02)42273330.