At Wise Eyes Optical we provide the following services:

Eye Exams including Refraction for Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses

Our optometrists will provide a prescription for glasses and contact lenses (if suitable) that are tailor-made to your specific visual needs.  We will also advise you on particular lens designs that will be suitable for your work, home and sporting environments.

Pre-Lasik Evaluation & Post-Operative Management.

We can assess the suitability for LASIK surgery depending on the stability of your prescription, your visual demands and the health of your eyes.  We may also discuss the possibility of other forms of refractive correction that may be suitable for your eyes.

For patients who have had eye surgery, we can provide post-operative management of your eyes that may include an update glasses prescription as well as monitoring the health of your eyes.

Retinal photography

We provide retinal photography for the documentation of eye conditions, and to aid the assessment of eye health for patients suffering diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems and other problems that can also affect the eyes.

We do not charge for this service.

Dry eye management

We can diagnose the type and severity of dry eye syndrome, and then advise you on the best form of management for your particular circumstances.

Treatments may include the use of evidence based fish oil supplements, lubricating eye drops, antibacterial eyelid wipes, and warm compresses.  We may advise on the use of specialized eye drops containing healing agents such as sodium hyaluronate, and no preservatives.

We keep a stock of dry eye lubricating drops and supplements including Hylo-Forte, and Lacritec.

For more severe conditions such as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) we offer treatments that include Blephasteam, Blephadex, IRPL Therapy ( Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) and expressions of the glands.

Ingrown eye lash removal

Ingrown eyelashes can cause chronic eye pain and discomfort.  We can remove them routinely as they reappear.  This service is bulk-billed through Medicare; please contact us by phone to arrange an appointment for this service.

Care plan partners

We actively participate in team care arrangements with local general practitioners for the monitoring of eye health in relation to chronic systemic diseases that may also affect the eyes.  These conditions include diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, and cardiovascular disease.